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Chasing Vert

The guys over at clothing apparel company Chasing Vert, have a fantastic program to assist upcoming runners.

They want to help out athletes in sports that don't gain big media attention, and therefore the big dollars.

Currently, Chasing Vert have invited me to be part of their CV Athlete Support Program, where a portion of all sales will go towards funding my dreams.

Hopefully I can turn this into inspiration for others to get out and chase their dreams.


Bindi​ Nutrition

I am absolutely delighted to have the support of Bindi. They are a young business doing great things!

I try to eat natural, nutritious foods in my day to day life, and Bindi are the only sports drink companies that I know of applying those principles to their products.


Pic's Peanut Butter

This sport is full of sugary gel and sports drink manufacturers. I am so grateful that Pic's make simple products, with peanuts and a little bit of salt, that it!

I use their slugs during races as a key source of nutrition. They are fantastic at providing long lasting energy, with out the blood sugar spikes you get from gels. 


The Happy Snack Company

I am delighted to have support from the happy snack company. They produce a great range of healthy snacks, perfect for recovery. I am a huge proponent of healthy eating, and the Happy Snack Company make brilliant snacks to munch on, without adding stuff we can't read, let alone need!


They also have an awesome range of kids snacks, excellent for school lunches. 


The Community

I haven't been in Australia that long. Well ok, It's been over 10 years now. But The country people have been so warming and welcoming to me it is just amazing.

Both the Kojonup and Frankland communities have been incredibly supportive in my journey, to the point that they both wanted to fundraise to facilitate my journey to Belfast.

I need to pay a special mention to the following businesses, individuals and families that made financial contributions to help in this journey:

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