• Richard Avery

How to manage ourselves through failure

Today, I had a terrible race.

I attempted to run 100km first the first time in several years. My body wasn’t feeling it and I only managed 37km.

I wanted to be disappointed in myself. I wanted to quit running again. But I forced myself to write this, and work through the emotions.

Sure I’m disappointed, but the reality is quitting won’t solve any problems. It won’t leave me fulfilled in life. What generates fulfillment and purpose is working towards something. There will be setbacks, I know this as well as anyone.

But we have to suck it up, learn what we can, and keep going.

I remind myself that it’s the bad days that set the level of performance. The old saying ‘we’re only as strong as our weakest link’ also applies to progress.

It’s how we perform on our tough days that sets us up for success.


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