5th January - The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

Lean and efficient read. The laws have a lineal flow to their order, some more applicable than others to small business. Law 1 (the law of leadership) took me time to interpret. Being better makes more sense than being first, but in reality, the law holds when tested in real-life situations.

The laws fell into place for me as I continued through the book, relating experience to the theory. It’s also not a ‘pick up and read a couple of laws’ kind of book. All laws are required to make sense.

Of note, the law of success, the law of acceleration, and the law of resources were highlights.


19th January - How Stella Saved the Farm

Innovation is an experiment. Any experiment needs a hypothesis, then go to work to test it. Dedicate resources to it and learn from it. Rule one of business, learn first, profit second.

Set key performance measures based on your desired outcomes. These will differ from projects with known outcomes.

This is a great read, that I can see myself coming back many times and gifting in the future.


14th January - The Mind-Gut Connection

A fascinating read, taking you through the digestive system and highlighting the mind-gut communication network. The gut has 25 receptors, vs the mouth only 5.

The foods we eat influence our emotional state, and visa Versa. The importance of sleep, the damage of stress, and poor food.

Emeran describes how 'gut feelings' and decisions are made, through past experiences picked up by our microbiota.

He strongly encourages a plant-based diet and mindful eating.



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